>All Little Girls Are Princesses

>Shirley Temple knew. All girls are princesses. It is an intrinsic knowledge in little girls, I am certain. The knowledge that they are beautiful. That they are lovely. That they have power and influence. That they bring joy just by being alive. That knowledge just gets lost sometimes as princesses grow older and years of the world whispering otherwise makes them question or forget. It’s fun to watch a two year old who still, undeterred by age, believes that princesses are beautiful. That she is a princess. That she is beautiful.

Selah Grace teeters and clomps down the hallway in plastic pumps that sparkle and light up. Every once in a while she just has to put on her tutu and wave her magic wand gleefully squealing, “magic, MAGic, MAGIC!”

This morning she climbed into our bed to show me the Snow White band-aid on her forehead, exclaiming, “Look! Snow White! Don’t worry Mama! Her prince will come!”

This afternoon she asked Nate to draw her a prince and a princess together. When he did she joyfully declared, “The princess and the prince! He right by her! Her fream COME FRUE!”

Yes, we’ll be encouraging her not to sit around and wait for a prince in life. But, yes, we’ll be encouraging her to remember that she IS a princess. She is beautiful and determined. Powerful and influential. Lovely and wise and brings joy to the world simply by being in it.

I hope that she will remember that ALL little girls (including her) are princesses for a long time to come.

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