>Sleep Nest

>Selah Grace is a champion sleeper. She has been for quite some time. Recently we took the crib face off her bed and traded it for the toddler rail. Honestly we were avoiding this transition because we thought it was going to be a lot of work parenting her through it and we’re tired. But she’s a champ and the switch didn’t wrinkle a feather.

I heard Super Nanny say that children shouldn’t have any toys to distract them in their beds so they know their bed is for sleeping, not playing. Oops. These days Selah has turned her bed into a nest. She sleeps on top of and underneath mounds of treasures she has deamed as needing to be in her bed. Being the routine-driven, meticulously observant child that she is, Selah instantly knows what is missing from her bed when Mama tries to tidy up and requests them back until conditions are perfect.

It looks terribly uncomfy to me. I have to pull the sheet taught each night before getting in bed otherwise the slightest wrinkle keeps me awake. But it is her sleep nest and she loves it. I added up the items and it is shocking there’s any room left for her!

Sleep Nest:
-2 adult pillows (reclaimed by her from Nate’s side of the bed)
-1 throw pillow
– clean cloth diaper
– Cabbage Patch doll, Hallie Miriam
– footy pajama
– stuffed puppy
– stuffed kitty
– 3 blankies
– pacifier
– corduroy jumper
– stickers earned for potty training

Sorry, Super Nanny. It works for her. Since she sleeps 12 hours a night and takes 2-3hour naps, this Mama isn’t going to fight it!

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