>So, how’s the bathroom remodel going?

It’s not. Not at the moment anyway. It felt like the end was in sight. We finally found a vanity we both liked. Tile was all cut and in place. We agreed on a mirror and lived to tell the tale. As Nate was finishing grouting the shower tile he felt a weird sensation in his fingers. He was doing it with his hands, not the trowel because part of the shower is pebble tile and it is too bumpy. Weird sensation gave way to fierce burning and one urgent care visit later he was left with chemically burned fingertips and a great big grouting mess. Now we’re waiting for his hands to heal so the work can resume. Bathroom remodel is not going according to plan, but isn’t that the way remodeling goes? So maybe we’re right on beat. We did learn one great thing from this unfortunate mess: urgent care co-pay is only $5! No ER trips for this family. That’s the expensive co-pay. We’re going to urgent care!


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