>The Happiest Place on Earth

>Last week my family came out to visit: Dad, BK, Skye, Brandon, Sarah, and Issy. Together we attempted the crazy; Disneyland. One Day. Six Adults. Four Kids. Here’s some pictures to tide you over until our old, tired computer rests up enough for imovie to work.

Self-portrait on the way out. Selah and Josiah both passed out in stroller by this point.
Sweet Thing got to dance with Princess Tiana (her favorite Disney princess) in New Orleans town!

Skye, Issy, and Josiah chilling in Storybook Land.

My dad with Josiah.

Dad, BK, and Skye about to get their innards loosened on the Matterhorn!

Brandon and Sarah entering It’s A Small World. Last time she was on it, the ride broke down and got stuck for 30 minutes. We’re all thankful that didn’t happen again!

Disneyland post part B to come with video as soon as our computer cooperates.

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