>Numbered Conversations


Nate and I keep having the same conversations. Whether the byproduct of being best friends for almost ten years or the hazard of falling into the same cycles, I don’t know. Last week we decided to just save each other’s time and frustration by giving these common interactions numbers. The following conversations always start the same way, usually have the same middle, and rarely find a new ending.

# 1a: Where are my keys?
# 1b: Where are my sunglasses?
#6: Please change lanes out from behind this ridiculous driver.
# 12: Please pull the sheets taught.
#4: What do you want to do tonight? Play a game? Make out? Watch a movie?

We’ve been trying this out for a week now and it’s working very well for us! This system is at least making otherwise irksome times lighthearted and buffers the annoyance of these very familiar, necessary, but banal conversations in a partnership.

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