>A Good Pair of Shoes is a Relationship


This is the shoe I thought I wanted.

In the end, this is the shoe that was always mine.

Shoes aren’t just shoes. They’re a relationship. Finding the right pair of shoes is like finding your partner. It takes an open mind and some dedication.
This week for my birthday Nate bought me (and a kid in Argentina) a pair of Toms. I thought I knew what I wanted. I had the style and model all picked out ahead of time. I did all the appropriate research and created a list of justifications for why this pair was the perfect pair for me. In an amalgamation of anxious/nervous/eager anticipation I entered the store ready to meet my new shoes. I slid into them and….the etherealness of the shoes I had built up in my head were not what were pinching my feet. This pair of Toms were cute, but canvas material and abrasive to my achilles. These clearly were not the ones. Okay. Next pair. Black with little stripes and an inspirational, chic phrase, “Love is the new black.” After a test walk around the store the left foot was flapping like an awkward swim flipper. Since the establishment wasn’t interested in selling me two different sizes (6.5 for my right and 6 for me left) to make a complete set, we moved on to another shoe. Many styles and many size trials later, we found each other. Shoe relationship bliss.
The best relationships are reciprocal. You don’t just choose a shoe. A shoe chooses you.

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