>Thedoro What? Thedoro Wot!


We travelled to Africa this week, but it didn’t take a grueling two day trek to get there. Ten minutes was all it took to park our car at 50th and El Cajon Blvd and pass through the steel screen door that acts as a space and time continuum into the southern hemisphere. Awash Ethiopian. What a lovely secret of the City Heights community!

Nate and I felt like we had teleported to Africa. The air in there is thick. “How does it smell like Africa?” I exclaimed to Nate as we settled into our chairs. It smelled like cooking flour and woven baskets and hot. Yes, there is a smell to hot. Even though our cokes came directly from the refrigerator, they were slightly warm and flat, gloriously tasting like every coke we had while living in Africa.
Service was indifferent to timeliness. Food was amazing. Our fingers smelled like thedoro wot many washes later. Nate and I felt like we had discovered a secret in this place and also had re-entered a secret in our marriage that only we can share and know. Our lives in Africa seem so far away some days. It’s good to know that we can bring it to the forefront and sweat in the thickness of it with just a short drive and a long roll of injera.

Bars on the windows made us feel right at home.

Giraffe wood carving curio? Yes, please.

Mmmmm….looks awful. Tastes SO good!
Little girl. Big plate of food! Josiah’s sleeping in his sling under the protection of the napkin from my spicy, spice.

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