>Happy Birthday Josiah!


Josiah: The Lord heals.
Benjamin: son of my right hand.

Our little man is 3 months old today! Full of hair. Full of life. And most recently, to the delight of his parents, full of giggles! Although big sis gets the most smiles out of him. To the thrill of my heart…he slept. through. the. night last night! Here’s to hoping he makes that a habit! As to his “heart problem” the doctors scared us with, everything is good. Josiah is thriving. The human body is an amazing thing. As Josiah is growing, the narrow valves in his heart are growing into the normal range and his heart has figured out pumping blood efficiently and productively even with his extra plumbing. We love this boy!

3 thoughts on “>Happy Birthday Josiah!

  1. >what a happy, beautiful little miracle he is! We stand amazed with you, how God is knitting his little heart back together growing it, and making all things work. Yeah! He is a josiah for sure!


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