>Spontaneous Comments

Quick and quiet wit abound in my husband. But, to his disappointment, I don’t always laugh. Sometimes I just don’t think things are funny. Sometimes I simply don’t understand the joke. But usually I delay response while I try to figure out if he’s serious or not, such is the subtlety of his humor. You would think that after 9 years of friendship, 8 of that being “relationship”, and 5 marriage, I would know better. Nope.

Even so, I appreciate that Nate makes me laugh. Don’t sit behind us in church. Nate will most likely make a hushed comment that makes me blurt an inappropriate chortle. Not just funny. Hilarious. Rib-splitting, pee-your-pants, painful funny.

I admire that he is witty in the moment and doesn’t need hours to formulate “what I should have said” (my route).

Example A:
Nate: “Reading?”
Jenny: “Yeah, but I really want to write something. But I don’t know what it is yet. I have this desire to create something spontaneous and new. I feel like there’s something in me that I need to let out.”
Nate: “Are you sure you don’t just need to go to the bathroom?”

Yep. There’s my husband. He’s not the loud guy at the party, but he can roll in some enjoyable comments if you’re quiet enough to listen….and smart enough to understand.

1 thought on “>Spontaneous Comments

  1. >As a friend of Nate's for only slightly longer than Jenny, I would like to affirm her claim of Nate's unusually keen sense of humor. I fancy myself to have "gotten" most of his quips, but have always appreciated his humble yet witty, and yes spontaneous, comments. Miss you both Jenny, Kellen


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