>Bathroom Remodel

Nate is one of those amazingly talented people who can teach themselves to do anything: speak Spanish, play guitar, play piano, cook, and most recently, carpentry.

We have two bathrooms in our home. Short version of a long story: pipe backed up, overflowed into shower in bathroom we haven’t been using, discovered ickyness by finding mold/mildew along baseboard of adjoining guest bedroom.

Nate is becoming a self-taught carpenter. This past week he deep cleaned any mold/mildew area, replacing dry wall, carpeting, carpet padding, baseboards, and paint as needed. He also demoed the bathroom. This is what it looks like now! Soon to be even more bare.

This project has reinforced what we’ve already known about ourselves; just how different we are. Mainly, how differently we make decisions. Nate wants time to think about it, then choose one and go with it. I want to see, feel, imagine all possibilities; always leaving the door open to new options that we might like better. He wonders aloud how I ever make decisions and move on in life. I wonder aloud how he doesn’t have a positive or negative energy in response to shower tile colors and handle shapes.

We do life differently. We know it. We embrace it. And it usually isn’t a problem…until home remodeling. We’re trying to remember the phrase, “Not wrong, just different.”

Not wrong! Just different!

What we do know for sure is that tomorrow we need to take a break from all this and just go enjoy being friends at the beach!

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