>Happy Father’s Day


Daddy is the inexhaustible fun. Always there to go “walkin’ ’round!” and when things get hard it’s okay because “Daddy do it!”(Great phrase that gets Mama off the hook for many things: opening jars,taking out trash,changing diapers,fixing things..she knows who takes care of us!)

Selah LOVES playing with her Daddy. She adores him. Josiah does too in his own little newborn, snuggly, “thanks for cleaning my 4am poops, Pops” kind of way.

Parenting is such a large part of marriage together if you have kids. Nate and I decided it is a good thing that we picked eachother well because there was no preview for how the other person was going to do as a parent. We just had to rely on the integrity of character to trust how parenting was going to go.

Nate is the best husband. Best Dad. Couldn’t do this without him. Wouldn’t want to anyway.

We LOVE you Daddy! Happy Father’s Day!


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