>She Was a Good Car…

but it’s time to say goodbye.

(I feel like my left side is my “good side” too.)

The ’93 Camry served her masters well. Hers was a legacy of generosity. She began her life with the Hibbs family in Northern California. When one Hibbs daughter grew into an adult and became a married woman, the Camry traveled with her into the Hiroto family as part of that dowry. When the newly married Hiroto family flew off to their new unknown lives in Malawi, the Camry was bequeathed to us, the Leboffes, just as we returned bedraggled and penniless from our own married lives in Africa. It served all families well. The odometer is proof. We’d like to pay it forward to honor the legacy of the Camry by donating our vehicle to charity (which isn’t as selfless as it seems b/c we will be reaping the tax return benefits of that decision come next spring).

You were a good car Cam. Thank you for those years. But now our family needs something not quite so high maintenance.


2 thoughts on “>She Was a Good Car…

  1. >I'm glad I could show my true colors with such a signature Leboffe move. And I thought we should take a post to honor the camry before we got publicly excited about the awesomeness of the new car, which was going to be a surprise on the blog…it's a Popple!

  2. >This post has been deleted, edited, and re-posted to protect the surprise 🙂 BTW, Mom asked for photos- you think she would rather have one of your well-loved car or the one I took of the cat condo to put on CL??Wait wait wait. A fitting tribute, to be sure, but I'm wondering where the ….new automobile…. and the people are?! Also, in case you didn't realize, photographing a car for posterity is a very *Leboffe* thing to do.


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