>Confessions of a Tired Mom

1. Night Parenting is the Worst!
Let’s start a communication of honesty. Too many parents are lying about it. Too many moms feel like they have to say what a “special time” it is to just sit with their baby from 2-4am while their little one voices intense displeasure with life. The truth is I don’t like night parenting. Really, who enjoys waking up multiple times a night, forever hovering in shallow sleep? Not I! But the wonderful thing is that even though night parenting is hard all the time and frustrating sometimes, we do not love our kids any less. There is still so much love for them that our hearts can’t keep it all in.

2. Good Food is Best, but Sometimes ANY Dinner is a Victory!
I love watching my 2yr old eat a rainbow of vegetables with gusto. But sometimes dinner can’t be a production. Last night Selah Grace ate neon orange mac and cheese…and an oreo. She loved every bite.

1 thought on “>Confessions of a Tired Mom

  1. >And then she had tortilla chips, half a hot dog and half a banana last night. LOL. Crazy night. And milk, which, as we all know, does a body good. You guys were really good sports throughout the confusion and delays. Hope you are able to carve out some time for rest this weekend!


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