>Mimicking Mama

>People have been asking us a lot lately about how Selah’s taking being a big sis and having a new baby around. The answer: wonderfully. This kid is going to have two moms; me and big sis. She cares for him and bosses him. Both of which will most likely never change.

We have one exceptionally observant daughter. From the day we brought Josiah home from the hospital Selah Grace has been watching me and mimicking what I do. In the mornings I unzip her footy pajamas to find breast pads she’s stuffed inside and she spent a few weeks sticking kotex to her pants.

And she loves the new baby. She used to ask about her Daddy first thing in the morning. Now she asks about Baby. When he cries she loudly makes sure we are all aware, then helpfully tries to ram a pacy in his mouth: his, hers, clean, dirty, it doesn’t matter. She piles blankets on him because that’s what makes her feel better when she’s sad.

Lately Selah’s DVD watching choices have been Happiest Baby on the Block and Itsy Bitsy Yoga, both are how-to tutorials for parents. She jiggles Josiah in his carseat and swing when he gets fussy, kisses his head or feet and makes the white noise shhhhh sound to calm him. Dr. Karp would be so proud. A few times, to our quick heart-attacks, she’s tried to scoop Josiah all the way up to rock him. Selah Grace has welcomed him unreservedly into the family and refused to be tucked into bed if Josiah is not there to share in bedtime books, prayer, and kisses.

Pooh Bear has been adopted as her own baby. He gets carried around in a sling. He is held under the nursing shawl in the rocking chair to eat. Pooh gets burped and swaddled, taken for rides in the carseat and snuggled into the baby swing. His diapers are changed continually with an exclamation, “poopy again” (a commentary on how much little brother poops).

It has been a joy watching her so naturally fall into her big sis role. Plus, it has been a good (and weighty) reminder that even though she’s so little she is watching and taking in every move we make as parents! Yikes and wow.


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