>Now Open for Opinions

>It’s time. We put it off as long as possible. But after breaking down on the highway with a backseat full of kids and watching the smoke waft out from under the hood one too many times, we have to pony up the money and buy a new car.

We think we’ve narrowed it down to two.

The Subaru Forrester
(complete with kayak, mountain bikes, and golden retriever)


The Honda Pilot
(which from the appearance here looks like it drives on water)

We are now open for opinions. Which do you choose for us?

2 thoughts on “>Now Open for Opinions

  1. >While the kayak, mountain bikes and dog make the Subaru Forrester a great value, the Honda Pilot just looks better overall … sorry I can't offer any serious opinions at the moment. Were I to do so, I'd be looking at things like long-term reliability and gas mileage. Sorry.

  2. >Ok. Here is your Mom. We had a Pilot and LOVED it. It had 4wheel drive and rode like a magic carpet. It now comes in 2 wheel drive also. The space in the back is amazing. We moved a full-sized sofa once–no problem. Huge storage and very fun to drive. The newer ones have a GPS screen that turns into a camera to allow you to see what is behind you. Ours didn't have that. There is an entry model Pilot that is less money, but no leather buzzers or bells but with same AWD system, but stickers for less money, etc.The Subaru. Wow. Looks awesome. Subaru doesn't make anything less than great, right? AWD is transparent (Lloyd told me this). I think the real difference is just going to be which one YOU like driving the most. We like the height of the Pilot, which gave us the illusion of safety. Go see which one speaks to your soul and has those things which you absolutely can't do without. Drive them both. Drive several levels of models in both. See which have the better interest deals now on new and or used, whichever you are looking at. If buying the Honda additional warranty do NOT buy it at the dealer. We found you can get the same one low-balled over the internet, aftermarket anytime during the life of the loan. That is what makes a new care start to get really expensive.Google both and find the owner board for these. If you read the threads you will get more information than you would want about the nitty gritty details of the cars. Also the people seem to be in the know about the best dealer too. Lloyd says to be sure to get a full size spare if it doesn't come with it. The little donuts are very unsafe. Ask for the full-sized as part of the package. The dealer will substract the price of the donut, thus you will come out ahead.The best rates will happen through the manufacturers–Honda or Subaru interest rate. If you qualify it would probably be ) to 3% A bank would be much more. Honda will drool over you to make a deal. Look into lease options too. Sometimes they are better. You sometimes get to drive the car for NOTHING DOWN or if the initial pay down is low, like ours, we saved over $300 per month in our payment. After your lease is up you can extend the lease month by month for as long as want, or give it back, or buy it whatever is in your best interest at the time. ASK about lease options. Forget trade ins. So much to DECIDE! Key is get a monthly payment you can afford. Hard to know if a dealer is giving you a bargain unless you find a website that tells the usual selling price anywhere in America. Good negotiating info.Last thing. We have Rosie our Golden Retriever who is now completely deaf and epileptic. But we love her.Everyone at Honda wants your warranty business, so get your car wherever you can find it. Any dealer close will work on it. Probably true for Subaru too.Well, that's all I've got. Let Selah pick the color. Love you. Hugs and Kisses to all! Esp. my Baby Pie and his Big Sis~


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