Yesterday a friend asked me, “What do you need.”

As someone who is too proud for her own good, the list I made was surprisingly long and came surprisingly quickly. Unfortunately most of my “needs” right now are intangibles:
*Full-time Maid
*The ability to function well on little sleep
*Patience, Kindness, you know…all those Spiritual fruit things
*Long vacation in Bora Bora with husband (Drool at picture above!)
* Everything in my life to stop breaking around me!

Since I can solve non of these things with a quick swipe of the debit card at Target, the place that meets most of my physical needs, I am going to have to work on changing the only thing I can…me.

New solution:
*Short term- be okay with messy. Long term- Learn to clean up a little as I go. Or just seal off danger sections of the house (kitchen) with caution tape.
* Accept the newborn night parenting phase instead of resenting it and remember that sleep WILL come again one day.
* Remember to ask the Holy Spirit for helpsies.
* Hulu on the couch with husband and cookies will have to do for now.
* See this as the time in our marriage we’ll look back on fondly about when we were young and everthing was patched together with a little spit and a lot of prayer.

1 thought on “>Needs

  1. >Jenny, I just found your blog… and am so glad I did. Congrats on little Josiah. What a cutie!! The picture of him and Selah is to die for. I know the cardiology appointments are not fun. We are regulars there ourselves. But glad to hear all the good news. It is encouraging to me somehow that there is another mom out there going through these heart appointments too. I can't wait to meet your little perfect guy. Let me know if you need a meal, a visit, or just someone to come over and hold the baby or entertain Selah while you shower. Would love to be of service. Corrie Klekowski


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