>Top Ten Things I Love About Being a Stay At Home Mom

10. I can read books for pleasure. Anything I want. No term paper, professional development reflection, or self-improvement required.
9. I get to grocery shop on weekday mornings when only other SAHM’s and old ladies shop.
8. I have the freedom to scamper off to the zoo with my little ones for an hour if the mood hits me.
7. I can put on a playlist to life as loudly as I want.
6. I can stay in my sweatpants until noon if I feel like it.
5. Part of my “job requirement” each day is to play on the carpet with my snuggly 2yr old and listen to Raffi.
4. I get to see and hear all the “firsts” and be an active witness to the events in my kids days.
3. I am there to give snuggles, kisses, bear-hugs, and rocking chair rocks to hurt, tear-filled eyes.
2. I get to learn very intimately the way my kids work and how to best respond to their needs.
1. I get to be home when my husband walks through the door and witness the joy his return brings.

Stay At Home Mom – Best Gig in the World!


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