>Back Into the Woods

>Here’s the scoop. We’re back into the woods again with Josiah’s heart. No bad news, praises! Just good news and inconclusive news continues. We’d like to hear the cardiologist tell us to go home and don’t come back. Instead we’re hearing that Josiah looks great, sounds great, has great looking EKG’s, x-rays, and heart ultrasounds, but….come back in a few weeks and we’ll check again. So, that’s what we’re doing. Going to and fro the cardiologist. Even though we haven’t been given a definitive ending to this heart saga, we are so thankful that at each visit we are met with the doctor’s orders to take our baby home and treat him like a normal kid because his heart “issue” isn’t being an issue right now.

In fact, if it weren’t for the cardio waiting rooms and letters of insurance approval in the mail we would have completely forgotten he even had/has a heart issue by now. We’re wrapped up in how soft his full head of newborn hair is, and how exhausted we are being awake with him from 4-5am, and how quickly his little cheek jowls are plumping up. All the wonderfulness of parenting a newborn.

We’re back into the woods, but we aren’t lost or overcome by the height or thickness of what’s around us.

We just have to learn to be okay with inconclusiveness and continue to rejoice with each doctor visit.

1 thought on “>Back Into the Woods

  1. >Thanks for keeping us updated on this. Jimi and I are keeping all of you in our prayers. We love reading your posts – keep 'em coming.


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