>Never The Same

>Last week Nate and I were speculating on the number of times in our lives when we are met with moments that change the trajectory of everything and leave us saying, “Life will never be the same.” It seems like we have already had so many: choosing where to go to college, investing in each other as friends, investing in each other as more than friends, marriage, Malawi, Selah Grace, and now Josiah. But we know this is only the beginning of lifetime full of the moments when we are going to look at each other and wonder aloud about the way our life together will be forever changed.

Here are some snapshots of the past week in our little Leboffe family as we anticipated and experienced another life-changing moment:

Bubbles in the Yard with Daddy

Our Leboffe men nose nuzzling.

Big Sis and Little Bro Together

4 thoughts on “>Never The Same

  1. >Good investments, all… I feel like life is going so fast just being on the fringe of yours. Can't imagine how you feel living it. Sending many ZZZZzzzzs your way tonight. Also, I found another stack of coupons that are yours.


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