>Little Man’s Day at the Park

>The nursery is finished! (For now.)

I would like to place a “before shot” of the room here….however we accidentally erased a number of pictures and everything on our external hard drive while attempting to transfer old pictures to the external hard drive. Oops. Just imagine an empty room with a very small closet with sliding mirrored doors.

And now….

This is the view from the door.

Remember the turquoise dresser from DIY projects of months past? We brought it in to be our changing table and the room took off from there. The basket came from Ross for a few bucks and holds our diapering essentials (diaper caddies are EXPENSIVE!). Thank you Target for the great and inexpensive lamp (it only took three returns for me to pick out the correct lampshade).

Next, I had this vision of painting a tree on the wall, which morphed into a vision of starching fabric pieces on the wall to create an Eric Carle collage effect, which drifted its way into this final reality: I cut shapes out of thick cardboard and staple-gunned fabric around them, then nailed them onto the wall. And yes, that’s our son’s name: Josiah Benjamin Leboffe!

After the tree I started down the track of nature and parks so that’s where the rest of our decor comes from. The tree is very imaginative and free-form and is more representative of what side of the brain I mainly use. Nate is more mathematically programmed. Because the tree was such a dominating presence of me in the room, I wanted to bring something in for Josiah that represented his daddy. What goes with trees? Birds! How do you make them graphic and mathematical? Turn them into a tessellation! And viola, you have the wall…
I’m no good at tessellations so I cheated here a little bit by printing off a picture, enlarging it, then using it to cut a stencil out of the side of an old Cheerio box. We LOVE the end result. It was definitely an act of love to finish: tracing all birds in pencil, painting in birds, painting in birds SECOND coat, touching up all the feathers with a small paintbrush. Many late hours and good friends helping. The birds are staying up until we move or Josiah graduates high school, whatever comes first.
Let’s also take a moment to appreciate the fact that there are no more mirrored closet doors! The closet is small anyway. Imagine only being able to reach in there one half at a time! I got friendly with the power tools and set the mirrors up in the garage with Husband’s exercise equipment. With a few homemade curtain panels, valance, and tie-backs, along with the fabulous hanging organizer, this closet is much more functional and eye-catching! (The curtains in this room were my first big sewing project.)

Here is our amazing new-to-us crib we bought from a lady for a very little amount of money. It is SUPER sturdy and also perfect for the room. A favorite of big sister right now is the shaggy green rug. It was my vision of really soft grass in the room. And didn’t my friend Serena do a great job sewing Josiah a sweet little quilt!

Friends and family have either given us or made so many lovely little blankets for us to use that I needed somewhere to store them. How about in a fabulously turquoise metal drink tote from Target! Thanks Aunt Kathy for the fabulous patchwork quilt that ties all the colors in the room together and to mom for making a crocheted blankie the perfect size to cover up that infant Tylenol stain on the ottoman.

Instead of a mobile above his crib, we have kites flying high to complete the day at the park theme this room turned into. The cool thing is that they are real kites so we can go use them when he gets old enough!

And that is little man Josiah Benjamin Leboffe’s room! It was a lot of fun just dreaming up fun elements and finding inexpensive ways to accomplish them. Now we’re just waiting for him to come join us!

6 thoughts on “>Little Man’s Day at the Park

  1. >Woweee!!!! That looks fantastic! I love how you bring your visions to life, even if they might have to change a little along the way. One detail I think all should know: the crib came with pin up girls… okay Disney princess stickers….

  2. >That is simply amazing. You are deserving of your own home diy show! The before and after are striking. Great job! We are anxiously awaiting the little man Josiah, please let us know. We love all four of you. hugs


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