>Setting Boundaries

Boundary: (noun) A line that marks the limit of an area; a dividing line; a limit of a subject or sphere of activity.

I know all about setting and maintaining healthy boundaries…in theory. The actual practice of this needs some work. I like helping. I like being in the middle of the fray. I like knowing what’s going on and enthusiastically want to be involved in the process. Basically I’m a busy-body that doesn’t want to be left out. And if I can use my greatest spiritual gift in the process (bossing people) then that’s even better! The result of these desires to actively participate and help make great visions come to fruition has left my boundary lines faded.

For someone who doesn’t work outside the home I have A LOT of responsibilities right now. Not to mention the newborn coming soon! When you ask me how I’m going to do it, I honestly don’t know how exactly it is going to get done, but I do know it will get done. I thought about quitting all my responsibilities while I was worrying the other night. But we’re “past the point of no return” as the Phantom would sing. And quitting is the selfish, easy option. But following through on the promise I gave in these relationships is more important.

Instead of quitting, I’m doing something I don’t usually do. I’m asking for help. And to my amazement I’m receiving it…in abundance.

In this season of busyness here is a lesson learned.

In the words of “Dirty Harry”, “A man’s got to know his limitations.”

So as these responsibilities begin coming to an end I’m going to be drawing a line and saying no even when I think it’d be really fun to say yes.

4 thoughts on “>Setting Boundaries

  1. >Jen~You are just awesome. I've watched you give your energy and love and talent over and over again with such love. You are my hero. And that spiritual gift is a very very special one–so don't take it for granted. It runs in the family. You deserve as much down time as you can get before our littlest Leboffe arrives. Hugs and Kisses all around. Your faithful reader, Mom


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