>Happy Easter

>There was a poll last week during our marrieds group of whether to do the Easter Bunny or not with your kids. (We’re a pro Easter bunny/Santa/tooth fairy family as long as the true meaning of why we celebrate Christmas and Easter are the main focus.) We didn’t really talk too much about bunnies this year with Selah, but she did have a basket that she adored with Cheerio-filled plastic eggs and had a grand time finding eggs in Grammy and Grandpa’s backyard. We celebrated the resurrection of Jesus this morning at church and celebrated life and family this afternoon with lunch and yard games. It was a good Easter Sunday. And Selah Grace even wore the huge Easter bow I made for her the whole day! Unprecedented. We tried to take a nice little family Easter portrait, but it was too far past naptime for that to happen. So, here are some other pics from the day.

Playing in Grammy’s garden. She calls the little angel statue, “Mama.” So kind.

Yes, I let my child drink out of the fountain. All in the name of a good picture.

Selah loves playing ladder golf with us. While we were playing we felt the ripples of the earthquake in Baja California. It was crazy how long it kept going.

1 thought on “>Happy Easter

  1. >Adorable. You know my dad kept video taping after one of us fell off our bike? Not funny at the time, I'm sure. The fountain water photo op just brought this to mind.


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