>Girls. We seem to be born with two things. An opinion and a desire to be beautiful.

At younger than two, Selah Grace has long since become the dictator of her fashion. She picks out her shoes each morning and her chosen jammies each night. And in between she has a grand time adding and deleting fashion accessories that may or may not go with the season: stocking caps, beach hats, headbands, watches, necklaces, band-aids, etc. That’s how we end up at toddler story time in the library wearing a cute little outfit with sparkly shoes and a striped beanie in 70 degree weather. I can’t wait to see what this turns into as she grows older and dresses herself for school!

Is this a head trama? No, she just felt the need to wear all six of her headbands at once.

Mama’s necklaces make the best tiaras.

This day she wanted to be a ballerina and wore her tutu and crown all afternoon.

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