>"Chillaxing" and Keeping Our Eyes on the Big Picture

>Blanket statements. Never universally true. Let’s begin with one, shall we?

There seem to be two types of people: calm and high-strung. At least that is the way adults in this household can be categorized. Nate is the calm. I’ll let you guess who the high-strung one is.

Nate’s inner calm would have yoga gurus drooling. He walks into a room and even the yappiest of psychotic dogs lay at his feet in hopes of a belly rub. Nate’s inner spirit is the Jack Johnson, acoustic fingered guitar, beach-bongo melody.

My inner calm is slightly more frenetic. So, a lot more. But I recognize this along with the need to move away from the high-strung end of the spectrum and back to where Nate is, resting in a pool of nonchalance. Being a stay-at-home-mom by profession and a perfectionist by nature, it is easy to equate being a perfect wife and perfect mom and a perfectly spotless house with success. Ha! Don’t worry. I know that equation is crazy! But still, multiple times a day I have to remind myself to “chillax.”

At the end of the day it will not be detrimental to our family’s development if:
1. Selah eats quinoa pasta with prego sauce AGAIN for dinner.
2. There are dishes in the sink when people come over.
3. We are 10 minutes late to everything in life.

It may sound trite or roll off like a meaningless platitude, but this Leboffe household is trying to see the big picture and not sweat the small stuff. It comes easier for some of us under this roof than others, but a willingness toward the right attitude has to count for something!


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