>Lovely Saturdays

>Pancakes, Coronado, Picnics, Naps, and Wii: The Ingredients to a Great Saturday.

I think it’s a crime to live so close to the ocean, but not see the beach very often during the winter months. Nate feels like going to the beach and not getting in the water is the equivalent of driving to Disneyland and sitting in the parking lot all day. The obvious solution here is that we need to get Nate a wetsuit.

I need time outside in beautiful places to fill up my soul tank. I also need quality time with my little family. Although Nate doesn’t need these things in the same way, he happily took his wife, daughter, and little developing boy to spend the morning at Coronado together this Saturday.

We strolled along the beach, meandered around lovely neighborhoods, then spent time having a picnic in the park and playing on the slides. It was sunny and breezy, but not too cool. It was beautiful. It wasn’t extravagant. It was perfect. Thanks for filling up my love tank Nate!

Family Self-Portrait on the rocks by the dunes at Coronado.

We call this her Flocks of Seagulls Hair. It was in a cute pony and bow, but she wanted to feel the full glory of the wind in her essence and therefore flung her restrictive bow to the ground. I understand Little One. Something about the beach that calls for a desire to be free.

Fun on the slides with Daddy. We spent a lot of time here going down and gleefully requesting one more round. “Uhn,” she says with eyebrows raised and an expectant smile and a chubby little finger resting on her cheek.

And what better way to end the day than to come home, take a LOOOOONG nap, then play a little Mario Kart Wii with Daddy.

Having a completely free Saturday is a rarity in our household, but they are oh so good when they do come!


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