>Rainy Days

There’s something about being home on a rainy day that is just so wonderful. I love the rain. Granted, if you are trying to drive through a downpour that can be unnerving. Or if you are stuck in a classroom with 25 sun-deprived kids climbing walls on a rainy day schedule, that can push you into insanity. But if you are lucky enough to be tucked into home on a rainy afternoon the possibilities are scrumptious. Some of my favorite wet weather, indoor activities include:
* cuddling into sweatpants
* reading
* watching movies (preferably dramatic epics full of romance and adventure like Empire of the Sun or Joy Luck Club)
* snacking on hot chocolate and homemade bread
* falling asleep on the couch with the rain pittering in the background

San Diego doesn’t get much rain and the storms we receive are pretty mild. It has been such a treat for me to enjoy a few rainy days.

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