>Trouble Shooting Marital Bliss

>We all have our weird little quirks. I for instance: keep a running commentary while driving, don’t like listening to people chew, look for the shopping cart with the least amount of hair wrapped around the wheels, need the sheets pulled taught, and have to have the cupboard doors closed while watching tv. Nate doesn’t have to work around any of these oddities, but I know he has a few of his own.

I’ve learned to live with mine, but there is one thing that I’m just not sure how to master…
Nate’s pocket pile. I need help from you out there. What do I do with this pile of boy stuff (in a very loving wife way of course) that gets unloaded onto our dresser every afternoon? I need ideas to keep the keys, work keys, wallet, chapstick, deodorant, bank statement, sports ticket, lint, etc. out of eyesight. Anyone out there conquered this dilemma?

6 thoughts on “>Trouble Shooting Marital Bliss

  1. >Honestly…the best way I have found is to put a basket with out without a lid on the dresser…as long as there is a taret my hubby tends to put it away and it doesn't bother me as much :o) I have baskets for the assortment of power cables and a basket for wii accessories and it works pretty well, plus they look nice and are cheap at a craft store…Happy New Year!

  2. >I was going to say what Krista said! Some sort of box or basket with a lid. Greg uses a kitchen drawer for the items directly from his pocket, which works because it is directly inside the front door. Totally trainable. (Sorry Nate, but seriously, how do you fit that much deodorant in your pocket? I used to carry a travel size in my purse, but the full size is crazy.)

  3. >well, Jen, I would like to say that works for Dave, I have a great basket, just for that purpose. He puts it outside the basket or on another shelf…. what can I say? not exactly terrific, but close…


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