>Holiday Movie List and the Missing Piece

>There’s just some movies that we grow up watching around Christmas time that become stamped into the holiday tradition. In fact it almost doesn’t feel like Christmas until I’ve seen them. TNT’s 24hr marathon of the Christmas Story on Thanksgiving Day seems to herald in the beginning of the Christmas season with John-the-Baptist like “Prepare Ye The Way” proclamation. It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on the 34th Street seem to be the quintessential holiday movies about family and recognizing the treasure right under your nose. Others are newer, but seem to be instant classics. These are the movies Nate and I enjoy watching year after year (in no particular order):

https://i1.wp.com/www.hotmoviesale.com/dvds/69272/1/Miracle-On-34th-Street.jpg http://fiddlingclaire.files.wordpress.com/2008/10/white-christmas-danny-kaye-bing-crosby.jpg

And yes, I love watching each of these movies (sometimes in the middle of July b/c I’ve missed them since December) but do you see anything wrong with this picture? (Not with my movie choices, but with their absence.) This is Christmas after all.

Walk down the thought road with me for a moment. It will become clear in a minute…

My cousin married a man from Venezuela. In their culture they hide the baby Jesus in the nativity set on Christmas Eve and put him back in the scene on Christmas Day, the celebrated day of his birth. Happy Birthday! Today after spending almost an hour in a Target parking lot waiting for a spot, making a return, and walking away almost in tears, after talking with my husband about the budget for the month, and after forgetting to do the advent calendar as a family before putting the little one in bed, I’m beginning to feel like the hands of hurriedness and impossible expectations have hidden our Jesus from our Nativity season. He’s just a little baby, and is easily hidden behind mounds of packages!

Something feels off. Especially now that we have little ones in our family, Nate and I want to try to bring Love back into the Christmas picture. We need some divine inspiration to know how to do this without retreating to some equally unholy place of asceticism. Even if you don’t believe in Jesus, you do believe that Christmas time is supposed to be about Love. Right now it feels like there is a lot of Love missing from the Christmas season, at least in San Diego.

It just doesn’t quite “feel like Christmas” until I’ve sung along with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye or recited the Pledge of Allegiance to bless the food with Aunt Bethany. But shouldn’t it really not feel like Christmas until we put baby Jesus back in the Nativity?

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