>What’s In A Name


“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.” -Juliet

Heaven Sent Ceramic Baby tags featuring Pepper Collection ceramic plaques

It’s that time. That time to seriously start considering names for this new baby. For a little boy, it appears that this is easier said than done. With our daughter we had three names Nate and I both really liked, but Selah Grace was always the clear winner. I have a couple more girl names saved in my back pocket if we ever find ourselves needing a pink name again.

But boy names…Nate and I just can’t agree. I’ve been teasing him about giving the kiddo a cowboy-ed up name to continue in the pro rodeo business like his second cousin, Hunter. We have Levi, Earl, Wyatt, Cooper, Colton, Buck, Reno, Walker, and Dallas on that list. I think I have cousins with a lot of these names. And to tell the truth I like a lot of them myself. There are also some awesome names in the genre of famous cowboy star horses; Pardner, Trigger, Champion! So many possibilities!

Selah was (lovingly) nicknamed “The Beast” for a while by some friends before she was born because she was making me so sick. That has a nice ring to it.

The boy names I like in earnest are ones Nate doesn’t like and vice-versa. My theory is that this marvelous little child already has the perfect name that is his and we just haven’t discovered it yet. I’m sure it will hit me when it is revealed to me and I will just know that this is my baby’s name!

Hopefully it is sooner than later or else we’ll have to take our old pastor and friend, Brian’s advice and name the kid Bach. Coupled with our last name, we’d have a little slice of baklava!

3 thoughts on “>What’s In A Name

  1. >We love Selah, so beautiful and original. We have been guessing what great name you will come up with for nate jr. 🙂 hugs from the gang


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