>A Christmas Miracle


Please appreciate the asymmetrical Arsenio Hall cut on the troll with hot pink hair. I was definitely in safe hands when Nate was my cut stylist in Malawi!

Last night we had our community group Christmas party, complete with the white elephant gift exchange. Some gift items included: snorkels, a used dog scratch-prevention collar cone, and what was dubbed the “before, during, and after” packet replete with tic-tacs, condom, and cigar. We ended up getting a used Jenga game (which I am actually very excited about growing our family game stockpile) . What did we give? An awesome collector’s edition of troll dolls from Nate’s childhood. There was just about one for every holiday, plus others with the bonus of one-of-a-kind haircuts Nate gave them sometime back in the late 80’s, early 90’s. Who wouldn’t want that? Not me! I was so glad to gift them away. But a Christmas miracle happened. As I was cleaning up from the party after everyone had gone home I kept remeeting these curious little guys! In the silverware tray. On the spice rack. In the shower. Behind the t.p. tray. (Still missing a few but they’re less worrisome than the real pumpkins we can’t find from the autumn decorations of last month.) I thought I had finally gotten rid of these little ones after taking up space in boxes for years, but now they are back. They apparently are in our home to stay. Obviously I am forcing something that isn’t meant to be. Maybe they will be seen again next year as the white elephant. Maybe I should just throw them in a bag with Nate’s Ninja Turtles that are sitting on a shelf, waiting until our kids are old enough to play with them. But from now on, you might want to guard your coat pockets when you come over to our house. You might just walk away with a new fluffy-haired friend!


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