>Gender Guessing



Will it be snips and snails and puppy dog tails or sugar and spice and all things nice? We find out the gender of our baby tomorrow! I usually have a pretty good gut feeling, but in guessing the gender of this baby I feel like my superpowers are askew. I think the problem is that I’m trying to compare this pregnancy with my pregnancy with Selah Grace in Malawi. The external circumstances are so different though that I can’t get my bearings on what is this pregnancy and what is being in San Diego.

If I had to choose what I think this little one is, I’d say girl. But maybe this is being swayed because I only know myself as a mom to a daughter. Plus, I can totally see Nate being that guy, that wonderful guy, with a wife and a car full of daughters. He will definitely need his mancave built for him full of workout equipment and playstation games if that turns out to be true. It sounds like a blast though!

What do you think the gender is going to be? Here are some clues:
* I’m still nauseas and throwing up this pregnancy, but usually only every other day instead of every day. HOWEVER my doctor gave me some anti-nausea medicine so that could be the difference in the change.

* I’m carrying slightly lower than last time.

* I want to eat all the dairy products and spicy foods I can get my hands on.

Most of our community group friends think it will be a boy. Most of our family thinks girl. We’ll find out tomorrow!

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