>You Know You’re Pregnant When…

>Pregnant woman back from shopping.

…you have to choose to eat unpurchased snacks while grocery shopping or die.

…you use red lights as opportunities to throw up.

…you big, snotty, ugly cry through comedies like Cheaper By the Dozen 2 and Bride Wars.

…you have to buy new underwear because the bikini briefs that used to do the trick seem to only cover one hemisphere these days.

……you eat grapes, 2 chicken corn dogs, fig newtons, 8 jumbo shrimp with hot sauce, and 1/2 an entire green bean casserole for lunch, while washing it down with a liter of iced tea.

2 thoughts on “>You Know You’re Pregnant When…

  1. >Jenny-this is so funny. I especially resonate with number 1. Congratulations on your second baby coming!! We are pregnant again, too. We don't know the gender yet, but look forward to either one. Hope you guys are doing well!


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