>Baby Signs

>Selah Grace will be 18months old in a few days. While her spoken vocabulary is growing to include roughly 20 words, she still prefers to communicate through baby signs. She has a whole assortment of signs for the various categories of her life, mainly including food, animals, and activities. Some of these I taught her. Some of these she made up. I thought I’d record a few of them before she trades them all in for “real words”.

(She added the crunchy sound effects for apple all by her smart little self.)


I missed a good shot of “elephant” while we were taping. It is holding one finger up to the nose to represent a trunk. That’s what Selah is doing in this picture. I asked her to “say” elephant for the picture. It does look highly suspicious of nose picking, but she really is just trying to show us that we’re at the elephant exhibit.

If this all looks like a bunch of nonsense to you and like the kid keeps making the same fists, don’t worry. It did to us too when we were first reading about it in parenting books. Now we can see little nuances when we do it with our daughter. It has been so helpful for Selah to have words she can show us and so much fun for us to interact in conversation with her!

4 thoughts on “>Baby Signs

  1. >Jen! I just found your blog. Sorry, I'm a little late to the game. Miss you and hope you are well. Give my love to the family. Hope to see you soon.


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