>The Lion King

>Nate and I experienced The Lion King Broadway last night. It truly is an experience! I’ve been to a lot of musicals before, but I’ve never seen something that is such a production. The costumes and the set design are unreal and create the environment for an incredible show. The crazy thing is that a number of the principal actors didn’t even have the out-of-this-world voices we’re used to hearing on Broadway. The South African woman playing Rafiki by far outshone everyone with her voice talent. I felt like the Lion King played heavy Christian undertones, or maybe it just did because that was the perspective from which I was viewing it. The inspired costume and choreography had everything from animals, to grass, to termite mounds praising creation. It reminded me of Psalm 148 and the last verse in Pslams. “Let everything that breathes praise the Lord!” If you ever have the opportunity to see the Lion King on Broadway, do it!

1 thought on “>The Lion King

  1. >As many of Musicals lovers I LOVE the Lion King! It is my favourite ever… Last year I’ve been in NY & I tried to get my ticket …guess what everything was sold out that show how great the show is. Anyhow I end up getting it from a site through Horizontickets.com. Next week I’m going to visit my sister and I just got some pretty good tix from the same place .So I'll be analyzing as well as enjoying the show.


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