>Trust and Tithing and Control

>https://i1.wp.com/www.collegescholarships.org/images/falling-money.jpg We heard a sermon recently on tithing. It was in fact only the third sermon I’ve ever heard on tithing in the past ten years and it was timely. Recently I’ve been thinking about money and how we don’t have much of it and wondering if we’re ever going to “arrive” financially.
Let me back up. When we were living in Malawi we had to fundraise financial support and I felt like it was such a burden. I empathized greatly with the Israelites crossing the desert, dependent upon manna to rain down from heaven each new day and not even being allowed to store anything away for the next day “just in case”. Believe me, I would have felt a little more secure if we had a storage of treasures to fall back on just in case. But what are we really saying? Now, I’m all for responsibility and I know that we need to be responsible with our money. But my “just in case” is really about my need for the illusion of control over our lives and a plan B for Backup “just in case” …what? …God doesn’t have it under control?, has more urgent to-do’s than the needs of my family?, isn’t sovereign?…
I kept telling myself that it would be so much easier to live once we were on salary and didn’t have to rely on others for financial support. Now, a year later I know that isn’t true. I still worry and pray about money. Even though we are on a set salary I know that we are not in control of our provision. My initial, human nature is to pull out and hoard up. Stop tithing. Don’t give to our missionary friends. Quit making food for others. I can just see my heart coroding looking down that path. That’s why it isn’t an option.
We give because we believe. We believe because we trust. We trust because we know that there is a Sovereign One in control and that is not us!


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