>Birthday Presents


I am now 27 and this birthday got me thinking. Mainly I am convinced that it is so much better to be 27 than 17. What a difference a decade makes! Picture yourself at 17. Yikes, huh? Now forgive yourself. You couldn’t help it. You were 17.
By far the most treasured and inspirational change in my life has come through my introduction, friendship, courtship, and marriage with Nate. He is better than anything I knew to ask for.
I remember being 17, standing in the kitchen at work, my teenage female heart palpitating in anticipation of someone to love. But who? None of these jokers. My boss (who was always very kind and moderately protective of me) asked me what kind of guy I was looking for. I answered something along the lines of, “someone attractive, athletic, and who loves God and loves me.” In my head I was picturing someone ruggedly swarthy, but with good hygiene. A Jesus loving Jeff Corwin type who could carry me through a jungle unscathed.
The only thing I knew for sure is that I wasn’t looking for any of the guys I went to school or church with. Dating in highschool should be studied as an anthropological phenomenon. I’m sure just about every girl could write a comic tragedy fully fed by her own true-life experiences! My ribbon winners would probably have to go to Mr. Uncomfortable Silence All Evening Long, only barely beaten out by Mr. Stealth Dater who poses as a platonic friend then takes your hand hostage while he holds it without warning. Girls, you know those guys.
No, none of those guys would do. They couldn’t help it. They were only 17 themselves.
Fortunately God knew enough to have a guy that could be my man, one that I couldn’t imagine or articulate in a prayer. God also knew enough to not let me meet this man until he had grown passed his teenage pupa stage! Now at 27 I am fully convinced that life is so much better than it was at 17. Ten years have been a gift of learning to do life better. I’m anticipating that I’ll be saying the same ten years from now.
Best gifts of the decade? Perspective. Nate.

2 thoughts on “>Birthday Presents

  1. >Such an awesome post! And yes, I agree with all you said, praise the Lord for the experiences at 17, but Praise His Holy name for growing up and marrying the man He truly intended for us! haha!


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