>The Toddler Diet

>Next week Selah Grace will be 15 months old. What do you feed a toddler? The gates to a world of food are opening. It would be easy to get uptight and want only all-organic brain food to go down her pipes, but that isn’t the reality in the house of Leboffe. Here is a list (no lies) of what our little one ate yesterday. It’s my understanding that other toddlers eat like this. I’ll just keep telling myself that anyway.

1/2 banana
3 LARGE bites banana peel
“No, no baby. We don’t eat the peel. That’s icky, huh?”

Morning Snack:
grape juice
purple crayon tip
2 in. of cardboard book binding
“No, no baby. We don’t eat the book. Let’s read the book. Come, let’s get the crayon chunks off your teeth. That’s icky, huh?”

2 cubes mozzerella cheese
3 peas
1 slice wheat bread
grocery list
“You couldn’t possibly be bothered with any more peas? How’d you get that list? Open up, let me get it. We don’t eat lists. Thank you!”

Afternoon Snack:
petrified piece of cookie/cracker? excavated from under the couch
mom’s mango popsicle
“Wow. Wherever did you find that bit of biscuit? In the future, we don’t eat unidentified objects off the floor.”

2 bites asparagus
3 lbs watermelon
“That’s a lot of melon my child! Let’s save some for tomorrow. Great eating today. We’ll do it all again tomorrow!”

3 thoughts on “>The Toddler Diet

  1. >oh my, yes, indeed. It is better to have an excavated cookie/cracker, than the dead cricket that I saw my little one eat! happy adventures. who really knows what brain food is??? maybe she has found it! 🙂


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