>Big Saves

>It was easy for us to see God’s “big saves” while we were living in Malawi because it was so evident at every turn that we needed God’s help. Some of the monumental ways God pulled through for us included: being healthy and safe while in Africa, never having to pay customs or duty on bags and packages, healing Nate’s malaria, getting 80% of our post-malaria hospital bill forgiven, being sent on an incredible safari for the price of an $8 bar tab, a healthy pregnancy, friends from Johannesburg who let us use their home and car while we waited for Selah Grace to be born, not to mention the financial support that came in every month.
Now that we’re living back in San Diego life feels a little more “ordinary” and its been a lot easier for God to do things that are hard for me to recognize. I don’t like that. Things are going well for us and we are feeling more self-sufficient in our lives here, which if I’m speaking honestly, the control-freak inside of me likes. But I’m saddened to realize that I’m not as aware of the Spirit’s workings in my life and therefore not as grateful.
Finding the Divine in the mundane. This is my new task.
Here is my new list of God’s handiwork from this past year in San Diego: health for our family, buying a house, being given a car, helping to start a marrieds community group, making new friends, Nate finding a job, Nate finding a soccer team, and me getting to not have a job outside the home.
Yesterday as I was thinking about all this and driving, I got pulled over by a cop for the first time in my life! (Well, for the first time in the US.) I had apparently breezed through a stop sign while I was so focused in my discussion with Nate. But the cop was super congenial and didn’t give me a ticket even though our proof of insurance card was expired. I think God is scaffolding my new effort to see the big saves so my efforts to be more aware and more grateful were ushered in with bright flashing lights. From now on I’ve got to keep my eyes open…and pay more attention to those stop signs.

1 thought on “>Big Saves

  1. >I know EXACTLY what you mean. Malawi made me dependent on God. As soon as I get back here, I pull up my bootstraps and tackle life on my own. Which is a horrible idea, in case you're wondering.


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