>Coronado Beach: Fresh Air for Every Soul


There’s nothing quite so wonderful as sinking into the sand at Coronado Beach and just allowing yourself to BE. Inevitably we arrive grumbling about finding somewhere, ANYwhere to park. Schlepping toward the water we resemble something more like diseased alpacas under the bulges and bags of our “essential” beach gear. But each time we go, there is a glorious moment when we dig our toes in the sand and allow the sea breeze to splash against our cheeks. In that moment the seat belts around our nerves are unbuckled, letting us breathe a little easier and allowing us a chance to get comfy in ourselves again. 

Although this wasn’t Selah Grace’s first trip to the beach it WAS her first time playing in the sand. She absolutely loved it. Felt it. Dug it. Delicately licked it. Not-so-delicately ate fistfuls of it. Piled it. Marvelous, marvelous sand!


Sorry for making you crank your head sideways to watch. Lesson learned: must take video holding camera in traditional manner. But still cute!


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