>Fear of Abandonment

> After the fourth time I thought that I was going to snap. Impatient back again. But somehow, as I put a heavy hand onto my screaming baby’s back I was filled with compassion, not irritation. Selah was having a hard time falling asleep that night. Nano-seconds away from sleep, she would suddenly be filled with the overwhelming anxiety that she was ALONE. Wild flails for a body to give a reassuring touch. Sudden fearful wails. All her way of asking, “Are you there? I need you!” 

Again my hand reached into the crib to stroke her head and her back. As she was comforted into sleep I was overcome with the similarities between her interaction with me and the way I interact with God. How many times has God tried to take care of me? How many times have I resisted what was in my best interest? How many times did I flail and become distraught with fear, convinced that I was abandoned, pleading, “Are you there? I need you!” In my distress God hears. Rushes in AGAIN. Places a hand over me. And I can sleep. 


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