>514 Palmwood Dr.

>I love San Diego addresses. Just reading them sounds like a vacation. Our new home. 514 Palmwood. It is 4 bedroom, 2 bath, open floor plan, and has a sweet little backyard. The most salient aspect of the late 60’s home is the popcorn ceilings in the living room and hallways. The most refreshing feature is the surprise of a backyard. There isn’t a large lawn, but there is a cool climbing tree, a deck on the side of the canyon, and a little porch that is begging for some konde furniture to create a second outdoor living room. This is a magnificent first home for us and although it is slightly crusty around the edges and in need of a few happy plants and new coats of paint, it has already transformed into our home. We love living here together as our little family. We love hosting marrieds community group here. After so many years of living places where we were fearful of hanging pictures lest we didn’t get our deposit back, we are enjoying the freedom of carelessly sloshing our personality around. And as soon as I find that camera of ours, I’ll put some pictures up for you to see. I think the diaper bag ate it!


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