>Gobble, Gobble, Gobble


It was our first Thanksgiving Stateside in three years. What did we do? Go to the zoo, of course! That’s right. Our little trio of a family went with Nate’s parents, brother, and sister to the San Diego Zoo. We wandered through the vegetation and watched the baby tiger cubs romp and play. Then we went and gorged ourselves on the Thanksgiving feast at the Treetop Restaurant. Somehow though, most of the family’s biological gazing was directed toward Selah. She’s too cute these days!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving here are some things we are thankful for:
1. Nate’s job during this time of economic deflation.
2. For our new home! (more to come on that)
3. Our enjoyable marriage. 
4. Selah Grace Leboffe! Those three words are enough. 
5. Honey Nut Cheerios. No more generic Spar flakes for us. 
6. The Hibbs/Hiroto/now-Leboffe Toyota Camry to roll around town in. 
7. Flood San Diego. 
8. Fresh milk. 

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