>Movin’ and Groovin’

This morning I could have sworn that Selah was humming a baby rendition of “Bobby McGee”. All the consonant babbling and grunting was remarkably similar. The sweet girl is quite boisterous in the wee hours of the morning. We aren’t sure where she came from. Nate gets up dutifully in the pre-dawn, but it takes me a good hour before I can actually form words.

These days our little darling is more interested in spinning summersaults in her crib than the naps she is supposed to be taking, she is aggravated that she can’t quite get her body to do what her mind is telling it to do, like crawl, and changing her diaper is quite a wrestling match. It is so amazing that you can see her thinking while she plays with toys, reaches for glasses at the table, or attempts to crawl. Right now she moves by spinning in a circle and rolling until she gets where she wants to go. Yogis the world over would be proud of the ways she contorts her body in her efforts to move. Most of the time she pushes her body up into a bridge and makes a valiant lunge forward toward her desired designation. Sometimes the end result is the gleeful grab of a toy. Other times it is a face smack on the carpet.

I feel as though these trial and error ways as babies have stuck with us. We all just flop and maneuver the best we can. Meanwhile, we’re figuring out the way to do it right. Life is a steep learning curve. Sometimes we get the prize, but sometimes we just get a nose full of carpet. Still, we keep lunging…


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